Kenn Munn

Our Pastor... Kenn tell you anything
you ever Munna know.

Lori Tadlock

Financial Administrator
She'll work a Tad... or aLockt! Whatever we need done,
she expLories all options until she's finished the task.

Dani Lamb

Director of Young Adult Ministry
Oh Dani boy,
the Lambs and sheep are bahhhing...

Linda Tolon

Senior Adult Minister
Known for her loyalty, Linda will never Tolon you if you
do something bad in class.

Yuri Gonzales

Director of Children's Ministry
Need someone to rock your kids socks off?  
Yuri'n luck!

Elaine Hechler

Director of Stepping Stones Day School
Whether it's by Stepping Stones, an avenue, or Elaine,
just bring your kiddos to our amazing Day School.

Cletis Rogers

Associate Pastor
His name is almost as weird as
his quirky love for his peeps (us!).

Charlotte Buntin

Interim Director of Youth Ministry
She's no Charlotte'n. She's our beloved, inviting,
aBuntintly youth-loving Charlotte!

Kristin Feusse

Asst. Director of Stepping Stones Day School
She reFeusses to do anything but her BEST
for our awesome little kiddos.

Stacy Buntin

Director of Operations
We would not be able to operate without Stacy.
Her love for us is aBuntint.

Elizabeth Bravo

Administrative Assistant
All we can say is...

David Sanders

Okay, for realzies,
this guy sure can tickle the ivories.
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